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Complex solution system from the company "Teplo Lux" .
Water, sewage, heating and air conditioning systems.

Company "Teplo Lux" from 2005 introduces efficient engineering systems with high performance and low energy consumption. Our aim of the present and the future - is to grant quality and complex solutions for your home and your business. Our many years of experience guarantee you a high reliability in the work of the equipment installed by specialists of "Teplo Lux".

The company provides a full range of services, from design solutions, supply equipment and to the end of finishing works.

The strategy of "Teplo Lux" - is the implementation and use of innovative materials and advanced methods of the work for achieving effective results.

Our highly trained staff who are constantly being trained and refresher courses, will help you turn your ideas into a complete system products, test them, bring to perfection an existing water and heat supply systems .

Given that the heating system and water supply - hard technical complex, comprising systems water treatment and sewer and electricity supply system, our company focuses on the support of a reliable after-sales service. We do not leave our customers alone with the specific technical difficulties that may arise in Ukrainian conditions of buildings exploitation (hard water, power surges, etc.) . We are system company with powerful production capabilities, our staff arranged and work full time in our own office and you can always "reach out" to us in case of need.

We offer our customers an absolutely reasonable prices for construction works. In this case, we only use reliable quality materials, and all work, including the special, performed at a high technological level, in compliance with all building norms.

"Teplo Lux" company is interested in long-term cooperation with companies in regions of Ukraine, working in the construction sphere. Working conditions and dealer discounts we will send by additional request. We can always get the most complete information on the technical and commercial aspects of work with the thermotechnical equipment.

Teplo Lux has entered into a contract with the company «Maincor» (Germany).

LLC "Teplo Lux", Ukraine and JSC «Maincor» (Germany) have successfully negotiated and concluded the Dealer Agreement for the supply to Ukraine pipes and components for systems of heating, water supply and canalization. OOO «Maincor» it is primarily manufacture of modern products with using the latest developments in every field of production with competitive prices. In the production of its products, the company uses modern technology that allows a high level of quality.

Production Maincor is located exclusively in Germany. The main purpose of Maincor group is customer satisfaction by achieving the best results with maximum motivation for the use of modern technology. This includes fast and effective coordination of each order, and also support of products and efficient production of specialized products.

Maincor products is constantly improving, developing new solutions and materials - for example, specific hygiene properties, long-term reliability of pipes for drinking water supply, connection of radiators, floor heating systems installation, ensure safety and comfort of heating and water supply in your home . Besides, in the range have a professional tools for installation which make workdays for professionals and designers are much nicer.

«Teplo Lux» - authorized dealer of products TECE in Ukraine.

" Teplo Lux " - the official dealer TECE, a manufacturer of components for the water supply systems.
Main products - a system of modules for suspended sanitary faience, fittings, flush panels, drainage channels, chutes and ladders.

A bit about TECE GmbH company.

ECE was founded in 1955 when Gerd Felings founded his company WWK, which manufactures plastic pipes for floor heating. Later, WWK has been reorganized into TC-Thermconcept Company, abbreviated (TECE). In the late 80's, his son Thomas Felingsa headed company. Under his leadership begins to produce new products: TECE flex - plastic pipe with an aluminum layer and TECE profil, and also under drainage modules. In the early twentieth century was developed under drainage module ready for installation that surprised experts of well-crafted construction and a high quality. Also appeared the first panel and flush TECE ambia and TECE planus.

Increase in production capacity of the plant began with the accession Basika plant, who by the time had 70 years of experience in the production of drainage systems. Today the industry group has five manufacturing plants.
Particular success has products TECE drainline - drainage channels for bathrooms. In 2007 appear new glass flushing panels TECEloop, colors which are consistent with glass accessories and bathroom fixtures from different manufacturers.

The Company's headquarters is located in TECE Germany - Emsdettene. Tese GmbH includes the design department, quality control department, research laboratories and factories with modern high-tech manufacturing.