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  • Удаление воздуха из помещения и замена его свежим,
    в необходимых случаях, обработанным воздухом.
  • Удаление воздуха из помещения и замена его свежим,
    в необходимых случаях, обработанным воздухом.
  • Удаление воздуха из помещения и замена его свежим,
    в необходимых случаях, обработанным воздухом.


Ventilation systems for home and office Ventilation - a system of activities whose main aim is the creation of favorable conditions of air environment for human health in the premises. The ventilation system shall comply with building codes (SNIP), sanitary, meet the requirements for construction of building, etc.. Ventilation systems are able to maintain acceptable environmental conditions in different areas. Good ventilation of the house, office, apartment - this is one of the prerequisites for comfortable living or working.

The requirements for the ventilation system may be different. Ventilation of cottage or country house is different from the ventilation apartment. Thus, the most important quality for apartment cleaning the air from the outside, while the noise level requirements are not the same as for private homes. For the cottage is of great importance "quiet" ventilation. The air outside the city cleaner, so for a filtration system other requirements than the requirements for ventilation in apartments. Thus, it better before start the installation of ventilation to hold planning during the design house.

Today there is a wide variety of ventilation systems. This is due to the fact that different types of systems and ventilation systems solves problems for ventilation with different technical requirements. We classify the ventilation system with the following characteristics:

  • By way of creating pressure to move the air with natural and artificial (mechanical) circulation;
  • For the purpose - supply and exhaust;
  • Service areas - local and general dilution;
  • The design specification - channel and channel-free.


Natural ventilation of homes.

The most common in residential construction - a natural ventilation for apartments or other premises. No need to install equipment or power supplies. The circulation of air in the room is due to:

  • the difference in temperature of external air and indoor air;
  • pressure difference "column of air" between the lower level (the room to be served) and the highest level - drawing device, located on the roof of the building;
  • impact of the so-called wind pressure.

Aeration - a natural ventilation, process by penetration of air through water or distribution of water in the air. Used if the amount of dust and noxious fumes in the factory with high heat not exceeding 30% of allowable level. If according to the process conditions required processing fresh air, or the intake of fresh air forms a mist or condensation, aeration does not apply.

In buildings where substantial excess heat, indoor air is always warmer than the air outside. The outside air heavier, so he is displacing the lighter warm air from the room . In this case, indoor air circulation occurs.

In systems where the natural ventilation of the room, the air is circulated through the air pressure differences column. The minimum difference between the level of intake and discharge it through the deflector must not be less than 3m. Length of the horizontal duct sections should not exceed 3 m and the speed of air in them - is not more than 1 meter per second.

Wind pressure, occurs on the sides of the building to the wind, and accordingly high pressure, and on the leeward sides and on the roof by negative pressure. In case the building fences have openings, the upwind air enters the room, and on the leeward - out of it.

Air velocity in this case will depend on the wind speed and arising from the pressure difference inside and outside.

Natural ventilation for the apartment, such a ventilation design which is simple, does not require electricity or equipment, but the effectiveness of the system depends on various factors. In addition, the natural ventilation of the room sometimes does not allow to solve a number of problems in the area of ​​effective ventilation.



Mechanical ventilation for the home, office.

For mechanical ventilation using a variety of equipment, which forced "scrambles" the air. This is all kinds of fans, motors, heaters and other appliances. Mechanical ventilation systems can perform various tasks, apply and remove the air regardless of the ambient air. If necessary, air can be heated, cleaned or moistened, which is impossible with natural circulation. To create favorable conditions for ventilation apartment or house ventilation often combines the two types of parallel - natural and mechanical.

Forced ventilation

Ventilation is used to supply fresh air from outside to replace the remote. If necessary, the supply air is subjected to further processing, such as cleaning, heat, moisture, etc.

Exhaust ventilation

Exhaust ventilation is required to remove from the premises contaminated or heated exhaust air. This type of ventilation is required for those rooms, the air which must not fall into the adjacent rooms. For example, toilets, stores, public catering, home.

In most cases the exhaust and supply air ventilation combined, due to the fact that without exhaust ventilation is not effective enough. But if necessary can only be mounted air intake or exhaust ventilation only. Ventilation can be installed for the entire premises (general exchange), or for a particular job (local).

Local ventilation is

Local ventilation of the room is designed to supply air to specific locations with ventilation, polluted or heated air when in such a case is removed by local exhaust ventilation. Such a ventilation system is used in the workshops and in the workplace. Local exhaust ventilation for the apartment is applied very rarely.

General exchange ventilation

For removal of excess heat and moisture residues dilution gases and vapors not removed local and general exchange ventilation system, as well as free breathing zone of a person using general exchange flow ventilation.

With a lack of heat this system of ventilation satisfied with mechanical drive or heated fresh air. Most often before feeding the air purified of dust. When harmful emissions enter the air or production plant, the amount of fresh air has to compensate the general exchange and exhaust ventilation. 

General exchange ventilation system - is the installation, which is uniformly removes air from the room to be vented and provide overall breathability. An example may be a separate fan motor which installed in a window or wall. This very simple ventilation for apartments, office. More complex installations general dilution ventilation is used in workshops and industrial buildings where there are harmful emissions. In this case, exhaust ducts are laid on the floor of the shop, or made in the form of underground channels. When the company needed general exchange ventilation, the design will be carried out taking into account the relevant characteristics of the room.


Channel and channel-free ventilation

The ventilation system can be a channel and channel-free. Ductless system has no ducts. Air exchange occurs through windows, vents and other openings in the walls.

A simple and cheap, but less efficient system as compared with the channel system, which implies a special channel through which air is transferred to certain locations. Both of these systems can be used as ventilation for apartments and ventilation for a cottage for industrial enterprises.

Does it is a good ventilation design? Of course!

If it's about the overall ventilation should consider the selection and connection of its components: the fan, filter, muffler, and other automation systems. Typically, these elements are placed within a separate utility room (ventilation chamber) or a suspended ceiling.

During the instalation monoblock system of all components must fit in a soundproof enclosure. If you need to provide the conditions that will ensure the flow of parallel processes ebb and flow of air is being developed supply and exhaust ventilation system.

There are blowing monobloc system that provides a uniform distribution and flow of fresh air through air distribution system integrated gratings and diffusers. This exhaust air occurs naturally due to the pressure difference inside and outside the premises.

Experts of the company "Teplo Lux" consider the service "ventilation design" the most important stage of the organization of air in the room.

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