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    теплопотерь и поддержания температуры на уровне.
  • Обогрев помещений с целью возмещения в них
    теплопотерь и поддержания температуры на уровне.


The turnkey boiler houses - installation of heating equipment, the installation of heating boilers.

Proper installation of heating equipment not only provides warmth, comfort, but also the minimum expenditure of energy, with maximum results.

The boiler is a powerful stationary water heater and an integral part of the heating system as a whole, with the ability to supply heat multiple paths simultaneously. 

Heating boilers can be a floor standing and wall-mounted, single-circuit and double-circuit, electric, gas, diesel, solid, with all the strengths and weaknesses, and with the appointment and a complete set.

High-quality heating of private house, is the uniform distribution of heat emitted by the heating devices. To choose the correct heating a certain power, it is necessary to take into account the temperature regime of premises, during the period of most lowest temperature conditions typical of the region.

When selecting a heating system takes into account such factors as losses of the supply of heat, the thermal inertia. Through automation of heating systems, is the regulation and setting the proper functioning of the heating system.

The heating system usually consists of a furnace - the "heart" of the system that produce heat, heat transfer, communication systems and space heaters carrying out delivery of heat in a well-designed heating zones.

According to the configuration of the heating system are classified into the following types: Heating with the main heat transfer - with water.

This system is used for heating private houses, social and small industrial facilities. The system consists of boiler equipment, piping, valves and control valves, expansion tanks, thermal accumulators. Pipeline system is filled with water which in turn transfers heat directly to the consumer. For the smooth operation of the heating system must be excluded air from the heating system, for this into the system are installed the air ducts.

Heating with the main heat transfer steam

In this case, the heat transfer is steam, which is transmitted to the piping system of the boiler room. In modern construction, this heating system is not widespread, due to deficiencies which are not compatible with aspects of modern architecture. As a rule of thumb for heating private houses, experts offer from becoming sophisticated types of central heating, consisting of the advantages of both steam and hot water heating

Surface heating

The system includes the installation of heaters inside the walls, floors and partitions. This heating system will provide excellent heating of private homes. The structure of such a heating system is a concrete structure with installed heating elements in them, which are mainly used tubes filled with coolant.

Help choose the heating boiler, which would fit exactly to your requirements, our immediate task. Also in our services include design of the heating system, installation of heating equipment and installation of gas heating boilers.

Professional engineers and installers will provide you and your business, warmth, comfort and comfort for minimum money.

Energy saving and economy - Installation of solar collectors

Installation of solar battery (collectors) are pretty popular action to save energy. With the help of solar collectors, you without problems and economic costs provide yourself with hot water to the full, and also will provide support for the main heating system in the winter.

The solar collector is arranged quite easily. The base has a coat with a high absorption coefficient. On base of the system installed the copper tubes in which circulates a special heat transfer fluid. The tubes come in a heat exchanger where the heat is given to the heating system and hot water. After giving up its heat to the system, the heat transfer agent cools and returns to the collector.

Modern systems of solar collectors works not only from direct sunlight but also from scattered sparse clouds, which greatly extends the capabilities of the system and allows heating of the water in the system, even on cloudy days. The system allows to reduce the cost of hot water and heating in the period from April to September on 90%, while in the period from October to March, up 40%. Mounting of the system can be configured in several ways. Mounting "in the roof" is performed to the profitable orientation of the southern slope of the roof, otherwise the installation of collectors is carried out on a special design on the roof or on the land near the house.

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